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Privacy Policy

MGL PARTS SINGLE MEMBER PC fully respects personal data and ensures that our e-shop is legitimate according to provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR), Law No 2472/1997 on the “Protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data” and Law No 3471/2006 on the “Protection of personal data and privacy in electronic communications”.

MGL PARTS SINGLE MEMBER PC confirms that any collection, processing or storage of users’ personal data takes place according to law and only after their specified and explicit consent, exclusively for the purpose and as far as demanded for the function of the e-shop and the provision of offered services.

This Data is used exclusively for transactions with the webpage’s users and should not be used for any other purpose or by any third party, except for cases in which notice is required by law or court decision, or under the undermentioned circumstances. In any case, does not collect, store and process data that is considered sensitive by law, such as national origin, religious or political beliefs, health, social welfare, criminal record etc.

Our company does not collect personal data that belong to minors or people incapable to conclude contracts as the use of our e-shop requires capacity to perform legal acts. In case of use of the e-shop by the above mentioned categories and collection of their data the consent of the legal guardian or judicial supporter is taken for granted, as the e-shop is not in place of identifying a person’s age. The legal guardian or judicial supporter is liable for transactions under no consent.


«MGL PARTS PC» located on AG. DimitriouStr 28, 54630, Thessaloniki, Greece, tel. +30.2310.554556, email: [email protected], VAT: EL800797868, G.E.MI. (General Commercial Registry) No: 141238604000 is the Data Processing Officer of monzouzou e-shop’s users’ personal data, i.e. the person who decides which data is to be collected, the way and purpose of the collection.


The Data collected by webpage is submitted for the conclusion of products’ purchase and gathered during the user’s navigation in the web page during the use of the offered services. More precisely, the cases in which data processing occurs are the following:


The user needs to state his/her personal data if he/she wishes to conclude an order of products. For the processing of orders users are asked to declare their Name, Surname, Email, Telephone Number, Address and Credit Card No (if this mean of payment is chosen). This Data is collected because it is the least necessary for the conclusion of the purchase.

Also, as MGL PARTS SINGLE MEMBER PC has legally collected the buyer’s data in the lawful way mentioned above, after the conclusion of a purchase in our e-shop, the company informs the clients with a specified message which appears on screen that it has the right to use this email for advertising purpose as long as the buyer does not dissent to this use, according to e-Privacy Directive 2002/58/EU, as in force after the amendments of 2009/136/EU. In any case, concession of the email allows the company to send advertising messages only for similar products and the owner of the email can easily cancel this service by clicking “cancellation” which appears in every message.


Every’s visitor has the ability to create a personal account as a user-member of the web page. He/she can also use their personal account for future purchases from The data given is Name, Surname, Email and password. This data is collected in order to fasten the conclusion of users’ orders, as the user does not need to fill in his/her data again every time he/she wishes to make an order, as the data automatically appear on screen. In addition, our company collects elements for buyers-users preferences, so that it is able to present more personalized offers. 

The user can make use of the personal account in future purchase in Members are exclusively responsible for all actions made through their personal password, their email and their user account in general. In case of any non authorized use of the account and of any security violation, members are obliged to inform the company immediately. In addition, members are exclusively responsible for careful use of their account and their logout at the end of every use. If the user/visitor voluntarily reveals his/her personal data through this website to third parties, it is his/her responsibility to check the terms of protection of this data from the third parties. The user accepts that MGL PARTS SINGLE MEMBER PC is not liable at any extent for such disclosures and for the following possible use of this data by third persons. Likewise, MGL PARTS SINGLE MEMBER PC is not liable for any revelation of third parties’ personal data through this website made by its users without previous approval of the person concerned.

The company has the right to punctuate the use of passwords for its services or the whole distribution of the page’s content to users who it believes have violated the text and spirit of these terms.

C. NEWSLETTER provides its users with the opportunity to register to its newsletter by revealing their email. This registration serves the purpose of collecting information from users/visitors about‘s offered products and services, updating users/visitors for new products, offers, contests, as well as advertising display and promotion of‘s products at distance. Newsletter registration equals user’s approval for sending all the above information about, products and services at his/her personal email. This approval is freely revocable at any time through clicking “deactivate” at the bottom of every message.


In order to contact our company through email (e.g. for complaints, assumption of informative/promotional material) users must also reveal their contact information (name-surname, email).


In case of recurring problems concerning orders or services offered by, the user can contact the company by email or phone and apply for a solution, by giving his/her name, surname, telephone no and email.

F. COOKIES has the right to use Cookies. Cookies are small text files sent from a web page and stored in the browser during the user’s navigation. Cookies are designed as reliable mechanisms for the webpages to remember information (e.g. products placed in an eshop’s the shopping basket) or to record a user’s navigation history (including record of web pages visited in the past).

Cookies installation is possible only after suitably informing the consumer and after his/her consent is assured. allows its users to continue    navigation without sending Cookies to the server. For information concerning Cookies please visit

G. IP FOLLOWING collects information during a user’s navigation in the web page, such as other web pages visited and it stores it in the server in order to record the interaction with other web pages.  also uses information about the way that user makes use of the web page, such as the products he/she decides to view or the services he/she decides to use, in order to use them in making analysis and statistical researches which helps the company to improve the offer and the quality of the given services.

Finally, our company may collect information from the user’s software, browser or IP, during the user’s navigation through his/her personal account in order to record the traffic, create order history and buyer’s interest in order to improve its services or keep an internal accounting file.


Social networks plug-ins, such as services provided by Facebook, Instagram e.t.c. are integrated in our web page. These plug-ins transfer information such as the IP, the web pages visited etc., to the relevant platform. The plug-ins are governed by the privacy policy of each social network.


The data collected by is processed by MGL PARTS SINGLE MEMBER P.C. authorized and qualified personnel, according to the company’s directions, following security regulations and only in order to complete the above mentioned goals.

Some of this data is transferred to third parties which are particularly authorized to undertake a part of the execution of the services provided by, as well as professional experts to whom the data is transmitted in order to accomplish the obligations imposed by law (tax-accounting) or perform legal rights and claims when necessary, such as the network provider who offers access to the internet, the computer service provider who has access to data collected in order to accomplish the e-services it provides, to make necessary updates and recover failures that may occur, the bank operator, who undertakes the execution of sales contracts by charging  the buyers’ credit cards, the courier companies who assume the obligation  to safely transfer the product and conclude the sale contract. These third parties process data only under mglparts’ special mandates and oversight, execute the processing only to the minimum extend forced by the purpose of the contract and assure the processing is according to law. Clients’ personal data may be transferred to administrative and judicial authorities when deemed necessary by law or court decision/order as to confront criminal activities or personal rights violation and public security offences.


The collected personal data storage time varies depending on their usage purpose.

A. The data collected for the conclusion of sale contracts are kept for 6 years after the issuing date, according to the accounting data retention duty according to law.

B. Credit card numbers are stored until the payment confirmation.

C. Personal account data is stored until the user applies for a deactivation of his/her account.

D. Newsletter data is stored until the user’s request for a disablement.

E. Advertising data remain in the archive until the user wishes to be erased from the list. 

F. Customer service data is stored until the fulfillment of the request.

G. Navigation data is stored for 2 years after the last visit.



Every user of our web page has the right to access the personal data that he/she has provided to, i.e. to be informed about which data is stored, if it is being processed and in which way and learn about the origin of its acquisition.


Every user of has the right to request the correction of inaccurate data that is stored in the company’s file.


Every user of has the right to apply for the partial or total erasure of his/her personal data.


The users have the right to apply for the restriction of processing when the accuracy of the data is questioned or when it is illegal or when they wish the data to be processed only to the extent that they allow.


The users have the right to receive their data in a structured, widely used and legible format or request to be transferred to another processing officer.


Every user has the right to restrict the processing of his/her data, besides the cases in which the processing is demanded by law, which override the objection right.

If you wish to exercise the above rights, will fulfill your request immediately. The change will take place within a month starting from the day of the assumption of the request. In case of delay informs the user about the extension of the fulfillment time. In order to access, change, erase your personal data or deactivate your account, you may contact the company by phone or email. MGLPARTS SINGLE MEMBER PC is the occupant and the processing manager of the collected data and the created file is kept at its head office.


In case you assume that your personal data rights are violated, you may contact our Data Protection Officer by email : [email protected] You also have the right to file a complaint in the Hellenic Data Protection Authority, 1-3b Kifissias Str, 11523, tel. 2106475600, Fax 2106475608, [email protected]

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