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who we are and what inspires us

About us…

We are based in Thessaloniki, a multicultural city with a long history, known as a distinct crossroads of trade. It’s here where we create our handbags, exclusively handmade. Every model is designed and crafted once, something that makes every Monzouzou absolutely unique.  

We believe in tradition and the need for it to be preserved. It is there where we seek our inspiration as well as nature, travelling and unique emotions. 

Our bags are made of real leather and their style follows the embroidered design. Make one of them your Monzouzou, love it like the one special handbag that it is. 

Our Inspiration…

The light that bounces off a flower, the joy and peace in nature, the memory of a voyage, a thousand images in a city or the countryside… Any of those pictures or all combined together, become our inspiration and give us a reason to play with colorful threads.

Τhere are also feelings that we need to express…the love for something unique and original becomes a motive for our creations. 

MonZouzou Hand embroidered bags. A precious possession which shows who you are, how you feel and what you love. A colorful canvas to mark your personal style.