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Monzouzou Editorial

Tsevres, A unique embroidery STYLE

The masterpiece folk art of “tsevre” has a Byzantine aroma. The word “tsevres” is Turkish and means circle, handicraft. The coexistence of different cultures during the imperial times, is an important factor that give this style its special characteristics. The forms of the chevre differed from place to place. Greek, Asia Minor and Thracian Tsevre embroidery is simple and elegant, in contrast to the more intense and bold Turkish designs. A common point of inspiration for all is nature itself. Large variety of flowers, branches, grapes and vine leaves, with the motif of the pot having a dominant role. Basic aesthetic rules: the strictness, the repetition and the symmetry of the designs.
Monzouzou encoroporates the aesthetic of old Tsevre designs in creations like Impressionism Lesson and Spring Tsevres.

A tribute and an effort to highlight the wealth of tradition.

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