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TRIP to paris | snapshot story

Leaning against the edge of the window, my gaze traveled. Autumn Thessaloniki set out to comfort me for the three-day trip that was unexpectedly canceled for another last minute work emergency.

We had been planning these three days in Paris for almost a month. I did my best in the office to steal on Friday to travel comfortably and relax.

Observing the rain painting irregular paths on my living room window, against the background of the golden yellow of the trees in Law Courts Square and the Ancient Agora, which also seemed like a warm consolation, my thought was lost again in the alleys of my mind longing for Paris.

Like a small child who asked for some candy and is still waiting. My logic for the completely justified postponement, opposed the feeling, the longing, the expectation. An autumn walk on the banks of the Seine, hand in hand.

We would walk together over the #PontNeufBridge, pass by pretty artist shops at the #Marais, taste elegant sweets at #MadelaineSquare and just sit on a random bench at the #luxembourgGardens.

Suddenly, I was shaken by the harsh sound of the intercom that disrupted my thoughts.

– Courier drop off, please open, a parcel for Mrs. Elena Chrysou, a hasty and abrupt voice demanded.

I let him in and waited at the door. After a while the courier clerk appeared from the stairs and with all the courage he had left, frozen in his uniform dripping from the rain, he opened the protective case and handed me a parcel in perfect condition. I signed and until I came back to give him a brave tip, he almost fell down the stairs saying -Don’t worry everything is in order.

I sat in the armchair opposite the window as if looking back for my previous thoughts. My hands were almost mechanically opening the carefully packaged gift sure that no present could substitute my cancelled trip.

I opened the box, on the wrapping paper that separated me from my surprise, he had left a card. I picked it up and read…

‘Autumn walk by the Seine’ by MONZOUZOU.

I carefully unraveled the luxury paper. As soon as I saw the Monzouzou bag, I hugged it, watching the rain painting irregular paths on the window and with it I held firmly in my arms Paris, the Seine and Marais and a beautiful Autumn Parisian stroll.  

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