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hands full of lemons in autumn A|W 2018-19

What does the art of embroidery have in common with fashion and Autumn lemons? The answer could be found at the presentation of the new MONZOUZOU collection, Autumn-Winter 2018-2019. Unique leather bags, embroidered by hand, with elaborate designs and colors were part of the event organised under the theme ‘Hands full of lemons in Autumn’. The event took place at Daios Luxury Living Hotel in Thessaloniki, Greece on Wednesday October 24th at 18.00.

During the event a stylish catwalk was held with models walking between visitors, giving guests the opportunity to admire the unique creations and get a hands on feeling of their use and practicality.

Inspiration, talent, passion in a patchwork of colors. Each MONZOUZOU is unique and is made only once.

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